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All of the meals served at our school are 100% organic & prepared using only fresh produce. Our caterer follows the philosophy of « live foods », and prepares all of the meals with the upmost respect to hygiene. The meals always leave their kitchen at 11: 45 to be served at the school for midday.

Who prepares and makes our children’s food?

Two complementary professionals, each of whom have their own company (see below), have come together to create quality and balanced meals for our young children, both are passionate about their work. They work hard to create food of a very high standard, always trying out new recipes in order to tantalize our children’s taste buds.


Madeleine Badia, the founder of ‘Adagio’ is a naturopath. She composes menus for our children using many different varieties of seasonal fruits, vegetables & grains. She limits dairy products to goat’s milk & cheese only. Madeline carefully combines foods for their colour and taste and the final dish is always beautifully presented. She also varies the meals on a daily basis, which permits the children to discover new foods and aids in developing their palates. An example of a typical meal would be; red rice with a beetroot coulis accompanied with baby spinach leaves, followed by panna cotta with a mango sauce.


Sylvain Etiévant is the founder of ‘A Roca’, he is an extremely passionate chef that was formally the head chef of the Michelin starred restaurant ‘ Le Grill’ in the Hotel de Paris, where he worked under the influence of Alain Ducasse. One of his recipes that the children love is a wonderful gluten and sugar free cake made with buckwheat flour, chestnut flour and maple syrup …. yummy
In brief, we believe that the food that we give your children at school is very important, it is an integral part of their wellbeing both in terms of health and in in terms of developing their sense of taste, giving them a great foundation for their future.

AND there is more!!!
Both of the chefs offer cookery lessons to parents that would like to learn more about this particular way of eating so that you can try out a few of their recipes at home. All you have to do is contact them.