Administrative organisation

The kindergarten is a structure that welcomes children from two to six years old. It is not part of the ministry of national education. It is directed by the pedagogical college and is represented by the managers of the school. It is organised under an association following law 1901, « ASSOCIATION ACCUEIL PETITE ENFANCE LE BEAUSOLEIL » (The association of small children of Beausoleil), in coordination with the pedagogical management of the school.

The role of the parents

The parents actively participate in the school life by participating in committees for the school’s administration, festivals, conferences, workshops etc.

Once quarterly, An educational conference is held to bring together the parents of the school. This meeting is indispensable in order to ensure a good collaboration between the parents and the teachers. The conferences are proposed on different themes according to the group and are freely accessible to every family of the school.

One on one meetings to discuss your child’s development are given at least once a year


The finance of the school relies wholly upon parental contributions through school fees, benevolence and through activities organised at the festivals.

The schools association is the body that parents should talk to regarding finance. It receives directly the school fees, money for the canteen etc.

Julia Michaud –