Blandine Nowak

Blandine Nowak

Head of the Colibris group 3/6 years old – Director

Borned in Lyon in 1959
Schooling in Monaco – French secondary school diploma in 1976
University Degree in Scotland – Diploma of Master of Arts – Aberdeen University.
Professional trainings in Germany and thereafter in Spain.
Various administrative jobs in Monaco.
Diploma of English Teacher in 2005 – (« Certification enseignante en Anglais »).
English Teacher in a private school in Nice.
2013 -2016: Training on the Steiner Waldorf Education – specialization : early childhood.
2014 – 2016 : training courses at the Waldorf Kindergarten Monaco/Beausoleil,and thereafter in Luxembourg and in Germany.

2016 / 2021 : extracurricular childhood in Waldorf Kindergarten Monaco /Beausoleil and English teacher afternoons.

November 2021: Head of the Colibris 3/6-year-old group – English teacher / Director

Mother of 4 children, grandmother of 3 grandchildren.
Hobbies :
“I appreciate the simple life, in contact of animals and nature.
I always liked working manually, with a preference for textiles, in particular the weaving.”



Julia Michaud

Julia Michaud

Head of the Ladybird group 2/3 years


Born in Fréjus in 1997 and educated in the same city.

Baccalaureate in 2015.

Certificate of Aptitude for the Functions of Animator which allowed her to have different experiences in professional life as a facilitator and director of vacation stays.

Education assistant in a college In September 2019, she joined the school as a volunteer, then as a teaching assistant.

During the 2020-2021 school year, she is supported within the school, like her colleagues, by Steiner-Waldorf continuing education in order to make this pedagogy more alive.

September 2021: Head of the Coccinelles 2/3 years group.

Anastasia Orru

September 2021 works on a work-study contract to obtain a CAP early childhood


Elsa et Emily

Septembre 2021  jeunes allemandes en service civique