CALENDAR 2020-2021

Calendrier 2021.2022


10/22 to 10/26

02/11 to 02/15

04/08 to 04/12

06/24 to 06/28

07/01 to 07/05

07/08 to 07/12

08/19 to 08/23


School hours

Monday / Tuesday / Thursday: 8:20am to 4pm
Friday: 8:20am to 12:10pm.
Wednesday: 8:20am to 12:10pm.
Opening times for school gates: 8:20am – 11:55am – 12:55pm – 3:55pm
Closing times for school gates: 9:00am – 12:15pm – 1:15pm – 4:30pm

Morning arrival time for children

For the Upper section: between 8:20am and 8:35am at the latest.
For the Toddler section: between 8:35am and 8:55am at the latest.

Parents should accompany their children into the cloakroom, prepare them and deliver them to the teacher. Brief conversations between the parents and the teachers are permitted during arrival time.

Activities begin at 8:30am and the welcome circle in the Upper section begins at 8:50am. We kindly request that you are punctual, as it is essential for the well-being of the children. In case of any separation anxiety in morning, we kindly request that you arrive early, entrust your child to the staff and leave in a reasonable amount of time. You can put your faith in our professional staff’s ability to look after your child. We will inform you of any major problem and it is always possible to get news during the day by telephone.

Departure time

Morning: 12pm or 1pm, after lunch
Afternoon: 4pm
Friday: 12pm for the Upper section, 12:10pm for the Toddler section.
At pick up time, children are entrusted to their parents only, either in the garden or in the school buildings. For the safety of your children, we kindly request that you close all gates behind you. If you would like someone else to pick your child up, even another parent, this person must be introduced to us beforehand, and you must supply a written and signed authorization, indicating the name of the person.


1st Quarter:

09/20 (toddler section)
10/04 (upper section)

2nd Quarter:

01/17 (toddler section)
01/31 (upper section

3rd Quarter:

03/14 (upper section)
03/28 (toddler section)

Meetings at 2pm
The topics will be communicated prior to the meeting dates.


Our kindergarten school welcomes children from 18 months until six years of age, we separate the children into two distinct groups:

The lower section from 18 months to 3.5 years old or more. At this young age the child is not yet a “social” being, so our approach is very individual.
The upper section of the school from 3 to 6 years old. This mixed group is very specific to our pedagogical system and aims to stimulate the child’s will to imitate and to develop their social wellbeing.

Training Days:

The teachers do three days of training per year, from 10/18/2017 to 10/20/2017. During these training days there is a possibility (although unlikely) that the classes may be closed.


For your children’s comfort we advise you to dress them in simple clothes that do not stain easily and that are in accordance with the seasons. You should bring the following:

A pair of comfortable socks
Waterproof clothing including welly boots, raincoats with a hood or a rain hat, waterproof trousers.
A sun hat and sun cream
A change of clothes (pants, a pair of socks, trousers or skirt, t-shirt and a pullover). Please remember to replace the items after they have been used.

– For small children- nappies and baby changing items.
– For the children of the upper school- a tooth brushes.
Each item should be marked with the child’s name on it.

Each child will be given their own locker or basket, a coat hanger (where messages may be left for the parents). There is also a message board situated at the entrance hall of the classrooms where useful information can be found, for example; dates for the forthcoming parents’ evenings, festivals and weekly menus etc.…