Questions surrounding the education of our children are always complex, forever changing and of course they change with our children’s own development, however, they are also influenced by the position of the parent. This can sometimes leave families feeling isolated and solitary.

How do you learn to become a parent? The best guide is of course your intuition, but what happens if that is not enough and self-doubt begins to take over? Books? For us to cultivate information on the subject of education is of course indispensable, however, we often hear parents proclaim « Whilst one person says one thing the other person says the exact opposite and I no longer know what to think »

For this reason we therefore felt a need to hold meetings with our parents so that we could exchange views, by listening to your questions, discussing them and therefore helping you to see more clearly through our pedagogical knowledge (founded on human development) and our experience.

This open circle, where anything can be expressed, permits each of you to express your concerns/ideas as a parent without being judged.

The courageous challenge of becoming a parent merits support and it also merits that we educate ourselves objectively in order to ensue educational practices that are both conscious and cradling.

The parents also need to know what goes on in the classroom when the doors are closed. It is therefore an occasion to find out what has been happening and what happens in their daily routine.