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SCHOOL YEAR 2023 – 2024

School hours:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 8.20 am to 4.30 pm
Friday: 8.20 am to 12 pm
Wednesday: 8.20 am to 12 pm
Opening time of school gates on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 8.20 – 8.40
Closing time of school gates on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 4.20 pm – 4.35 pm
Closing time of school gates on Wednesday and Friday: 11.50 – 12.05

In the morning, parents come with their child to the cloakroom, get her/him ready and hand her/him to the teacher.
At pick up time, children are only entrusted to allowed persons (list attached), either in the garden or in the school premises. If you would like someone else to pick your child up, you must supply a written and signed authorization, indicating the name of the person. This person will have to prove her/his identity.

Absence :

All childhood illnesses, serious infection or head lice, as well as any absence, must be reported systematically by e-mail. In case of an absence of more than 3 days, due to an illness, a medical certificate will be required before the child may return.

Educational Meetings :

With a desire to bring coherence to our educational methods, we request that parents who commit in choosing these methods also show interest in them and share their values and principles.
Therefore, parents are expected to attend the educational meetings / group discussions, which cover educational issues and are relevant to their children. Parents will be informed of all meeting dates at the beginning of September. These meetings develop on Steiner-Waldorf education in general and about group dynamics in our school. A community of parents often grows up around these discussions and exchanges on various themes, which directly concern the education of their children.

Parent/Teacher Communication :

Teachers are not available for extended discussions in the morning or in the afternoon, during school hours, as they are busy with their respective classes.
Individual meetings for each child between the teacher and the parents will take place once or twice a year, or more if necessary.
The parents are encouraged to participate actively in the numerous festivals that the school organizes.

Parking :

We are aware of traffic difficulties that parents may encounter. We encourage them to be patient, courteous, punctual and to try to limit the waiting period for the parents behind you, as much as possible.

Accidents :

If an accident occurs on school premises, the teaching staff will immediately take all necessary steps. If your child is injured during school time, you should contact the headteacher of the school within 48 hours, in order to establish an accident report, which will be sent to the school’s insurance company.

Personal items :

No personal toys or any other personal objects are permitted on school premises, with the exception of a comfort or transitional object with which the child sleeps.

Vaccinations :

We inform parents that the admission of their child into the school is subjected to the presentation of a “health book“which indicates which of the mandatory vaccinations the child has received or any contraindication (please see the medical enrolment forms).

Trial period :

A trial period of a maximum of 2 months has been established and during this period, the teaching staff is free to make a decision about the pursuit of attendance of a child at school.
If the child had to stop his education in our school, fees will be refunded, except 300 € application fees.

School time :

During the school period, some change in class repartition may occur, according to the child’s needs’. Teachers may reorganize groups. Each member of our educational staff is able and may take care of your child, depending on groups organization.