Blandine Nowak

Blandine Nowak

Head of the Colibris group 3/6 years old – Director

Borned in Lyon in 1959
Schooling in Monaco – French secondary school diploma in 1976
University Degree in Scotland – Diploma of Master of Arts – Aberdeen University.
Professional trainings in Germany and thereafter in Spain.
Various administrative jobs in Monaco.
Diploma of English Teacher in 2005 – (« Certification enseignante en Anglais »).
English Teacher in a private school in Nice.
2013 -2016: Training on the Steiner Waldorf Education – specialization : early childhood.
2014 – 2016 : training courses at the Waldorf Kindergarten Monaco/Beausoleil,and thereafter in Luxembourg and in Germany.

2016 / 2021 : extracurricular childhood in Waldorf Kindergarten Monaco /Beausoleil and English teacher afternoons.

November 2021: Head of the Colibris 3/6-year-old group – English teacher / Director

Mother of 4 children, grandmother of 3 grandchildren.
Hobbies :
“I appreciate the simple life, in contact of animals and nature.
I always liked working manually, with a preference for textiles, in particular the weaving.”